I am interested in being a good teacher in addition to being a good researcher. I completed the Teaching Certificate training offered to Penn doctoral students by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

My goal as a teacher is to push my students to become good thinkers. My definition for “good thinking” derives directly from research in my field which shows that good thinkers are those who are able to actively seek out new information that might go against their prior beliefs, and consider all the evidence available. I would like my students not only to learn the concepts and theories I teach, but also to challenge me and themselves in how we think about the available knowledge. Therefore, just like my definition of “good thinking,” my teaching methods are highly influenced by my field of research.

Undergraduate Teaching, University of Pennsylvania, PA

  • Instructor for Introduction to Social Psychology, Fall 2016
  • Guest Lecturer for Judgment and Decisions, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, & Fall 2016
  • Instructor for Moral Judgment Mini-Course, Fall 2011
  • Teaching Assistant
    • Language and Thought, Fall 2013
    • Introduction to Experimental Psychology, Fall 2011

Graduate Teaching, University of Pennsylvania, PA

  • Instructor at School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Assistant Training, August 2012
    • Leading Discussions in the Sciences and Quantitative Social Social Sciences
    • Issues You May Face as a TA in Quantitative Social Sciences