I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, but lived in a nearby city, Bursa, between 1992 and 2001 before moving back to Istanbul again to begin high school at Robert College, which is a highly selective private American high school.

After high school, I came to the United States to start my undergraduate studies at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. I got my B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Science. During my time at Williams I worked with Kris N. Kirby as his research assistant and TA.

In my sophomore year at Williams I was awarded the prestigious Williams College Undergraduate Research Fellowship (now called the Allison Davis Research Fellowship), and was able to work on the project of my choice, again under the mentorship of Kris Kirby.

I received a Master of Arts degree in Psychology by the department in May 2011 upon completion of my first year project, which focused on Joshua Greene's sequential dual process model in moral decision making. This work was recently published in Thinking & Reasoning.

I have earned my doctoral degree in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. During my time at Penn, I have worked with Jonathan Baron and Barbara Mellers.